From Classic Candy Bar Cupcakes to Beefy Booze-Infused Pies

 - Jun 15, 2013
When it comes to choosing an alcoholic beverage to consume, beer is often one of the most popular choices, and these delectable beer-infused recipes are some great examples of how you can incorporate this classic drink into your favorite foods.

Chefs have been utilizing alcohol in their dishes for years, but the use of beer in particular seems to offer a more modern technique that those who are accustomed to drinking beer will appreciate. From manly cupcakes that are infused with beer and toped with bacon to pies and deep fried snacks filled with alcoholic beverages, these beer-infused recipes are turning these average dishes into over-the-top creations.

If you want to make your next dinner party a big hit, then these beer-infused recipes will certainly have your guests happy and asking for more.