From Fidget Spinner Lip Balms to Popsicle Lip Tints

 - Jul 18, 2017
Beauty products that target those on the older end of Gen Z and the younger end of Millennial consumers often come in the form of products that reference various pop culture trends, as well as those that are both playful and affordable.

With the new Wonder Woman being one of the most popular movies released this summer, Walgreens launched its own Wonder Woman-themed makeup collection that is inspired by this superhero. Another example of beauty brands adopting various pop culture themes is the Glamspin, a series of lip balms that are offered in the same fidget spinner format that has taken over the Internet.

With young consumers understandably being more cost conscious, brands are unsurprisingly ensuring that they offer products that are both playful and affordable. The ETUDE HOUSE popsicle-themed lip tints are one example of this, as they retail at only $6.50 each.