Cuddly Creatures That Even Stephen Colbert Would Love

 - Nov 21, 2009   Updated: Jun 16 2011
And the number one threat to your free time is: Bears! These bears come in all shapes and sizes, from gummy bears to teddy bears to polar bears.

It's amazing that one animal could inspire so much innovation. Maybe it's the combination of cute and dangerous that makes them oh-so-irresistible. Whatever the reason, there's no reason to be afraid of these bears, so enjoy the cuteness.

Implications - The toy industry is influenced by iconic animals and bears. With the rise of technology-infused toys that walk, talk or teach, many parents still look to iconic plush toys that are fun and timeless in their simplicity. However, these bear-inspired toys are also adapting to the technological movement and the plain and simple teddy bear may not be enough for children of this generation.