Tailors Candies are 85% Absinthe

 - Jun 3, 2008
References: tailornyc & urbandaddy
Absinthe has long been known for its taboo qualities, and since a legal version without hallucinogenic properties has been released on the market, so have a range of other absinthe-inspired products including Absinthe Gummi Bears.

"You’ll mostly taste licorice - it’s really the anise in the absinthe - but this gummi is smarter (and boozier) than the av-e-rage bear," UrbanDaddy.com says. "It’s 85% absinthe, with just a touch of gelatin and sugar added to keep things solid.

"Of course, moderation is crucial, so rather than giving you a sack full of the bears, Tailor gives you a single Paddington, perched on a spoon alongside a cup of espresso. (That also means you won’t have to ask for the bear; just order an espresso.)"

Paired with a dark accompaniment like espresso, the vibrant apple-green offers a popping contrast of visual delight.

The green fairy candies available at the in-house candy shop at Tailor in New York.

Although they suck in comparison to the gummi bears, there are also Absinthe Lollipops on the market: