From Acne-Fighting Candy to Super Sized Snacks

 - Sep 18, 2009   Updated: Jun 7 2011
Gummy bears are a fond memory of many people's childhoods. These delightfully delicious gummy snacks are a traditional sugar fix that kids (and still some adults) can't get enough of.

In this cluster you will find all sorts of cool gummy bear finds, including an anatomical breakdown of their insides, super-sized ones, photo shoots with them and even gummy bear lighting.

Is your mouth watering yet?

Implications - Because gummy bears are such a well-known brand and associated with many childhood memories, companies can benefit from incorporating this product into their designs. This tactic will imbue an emotional appeal amongst consumers as many remember consuming the product early on in life. Various industries will also benefit from taking older products that evoke childhood memories and fusing them with new designs to gain attention from buyers.