From Absinthe Gummi Bears to Liquored Popcorn Snacks

 - Sep 18, 2011
Alcohol and food are familiar bedfellows, but when sugar gets involved, you've got one steamy threesome, as these alcoholic treats prove. Booze-filled confections might not be cutting edge, but it's clear that the chefs and mixologists of the world are continuously pushing the envelope and creating some truly astounding liquor-laden creations. Nowadays even an innocent lollipop carries an intimidating percentage of alcohol and beer has been embraced as a baking pantry staple.

These alcoholic treats marry the nostalgic candylike flavors we adored as kids with that great booze taste adults go for. The alcohol gives the otherwise-predictable sweet a one-two punch of complexity. There is nothing like a little inconspicuous liquor consumption to get you through the day. Plus, these desserts are sure to give you a pretty mean sugar high -- you'll never fall victim to a beer coma again. Skip the ill-advised lunchtime beer and chow down on these tipsy treats.