Diesel's Billboard Confuses Customers With Wild Creatures

 - Jul 31, 2009
References: copyranter.blogspot & racked
Diesel’s latest ad is bizarrely confusing. The billboard is done in three separate panels, featuring a shirtless male model clad is a flashy leather jacket and underwear-baring jeans standing next to what appears to be a bear.

The first panel displays the two faces with the word ‘Happiness’ scrawled across. The second panel shows the bear’s and model’s midsection as the model undoes his belt with the words "Comes from inside." The third panel, which is perhaps the most confusing, shows the bottom of the model’s jeans and the bear’s hand which is clad is a Diesel watch. The words on the third panel read "I’m working on it."

There are many interpretations of this ad; however, no one can deny that it is absurdly confusing.