From Futuristic Film Beverages to Replica Sci-Fi Sneakers

 - Oct 19, 2015
Celebrate Back to the Future Day with these Back to the Future-inspired designs that pay tribute to the iconic film franchise.

Although the first film was released some 30 years ago, the time traveling sci-fi films starring Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd still manage to delight and inspire a whole new generation of people. It's really no wonder that a number of playful Back to the Future-inspired designs over the years have been released that are influenced by the unique world created by writer and director Robert Zemeckis.

Everything from self-lacing sneakers, futuristic Pepsi drinks and of course the iconic time travelling DeLorean have been remixed or reimagined for a whole new audience and market. Despite it being many years since the final film was released, it would appear Back to the Future still manages to stand the test of time.