The Hendo Hoverboard Brings Science Fiction Awesomeness to Life

 - Oct 22, 2014
References: kickstarter & hypebeast
If you've seen Back to the Future II, then you no doubt recall Marty's hoverboard; enter the Hendo Hoverboard and you're likely to notice a striking similarity. Through a number of technological breakthroughs and engineering magic, the Hendo Hoverboard looks to provide a feeling of weightlessness for riders by giving them the chance to cruise around on nothing but air.

Now, while the Hendo Hoverboard might look simple enough, the complex technology behind the sophisticated unit is anything but. The Hendo Hoverboard features four magnetic hover engines that offer lift while on a conductive surface like copper. Although this might seem limited, Hendo is currently on Kickstarter offering the technology to developers looking to create a little magic of their own. By getting the technology out there, it's likely we'll see the Hendo Hoverboard at a store nearby sooner than later.