This Custom Racing DeLorean is Impressive But Can't Time Travel

 - Oct 7, 2015
References: techeblog
Those who adore the Back to the Future films or who simply love 80s sports cars are sure to go crazy for this Custom Racing DeLorean that, while impressive, will sadly not allow for time travel. When in the motion, this Custom Racing DeLorean has the ability to shoot flames out of the exhaust to really give onlookers something to gawk at.

The Custom Racing DeLorean was modified by Putsch Racing who tuned the factory engine to be supercharged for ultimate performance. Featuring 210-horsepower, the Custom Racing DeLorean was gutted to lower the weight to 2500 pounds; as many will recall, the original DeLorean lineup was crafted from stainless steel, which made them some of the heaviest vehicles on the road.