From Photo-Finished Seating Solutions to Flexible Standing Desks

 - Aug 27, 2016
These August 2016 furniture trends range from photo-finished seating solutions to flexible standing desks that allow office workers to customize their workstation according to mood or time of day. While most standing desks offer an active workspace solution, they can often be limited in terms of customization, forcing users to stand all day or to switch between a standing and sitting set-up. The 'Locktex S1L' aims to change this notion with a flexible sit-stand desk that allows for more personalization.

Other August 2016 furniture innovations include artful products that combine bold aesthetics with functional features. Some standouts include a VW camper van bed that doubles as a unique accent piece in children's rooms while resembling a realistic version of the iconic vehicle. Another notable is example is a glass-supported table frame that appears fragile at first glance, only to reveal its intricate and sturdy design up close.