This Stool Seating Was Created for a 3D-Printed Food Restaurant

 - Jul 11, 2016
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Architect Arthur Mamou-Mani created this dynamic stool seating design with 3D printing technology.

While these stools are officially known as 'Smoke Stools,' they also seem to have a resemblance to airy clouds or jellyfish forms. The interior of the stools are completely hollow, which allows for light to be emitted from beneath the seats to create an atmospheric glow. Although aesthetically pleasing, this design feature posed a challenge and required the 3D-printed material to be sturdy enough to stand on its own without internal supports.

These artfully designed Smoke Stools will be fixtures in Food Ink's 3D-printed food restaurant, as well as perks that are offered to supporters of Arthur Mamou-Mani’s Tangential Dreams Kickstarter campaign.