Konstantin Grcic's Hack Desks Offer Easy to Set Up Millennial Workspaces

Hack is a flexible millennial workspace set up designed by Konstantin Grcic exclusively for Vitra that allows works to set up an area that is tailored to their specific needs. The space is comprised of wooden panels that can be arranged in a variety of configurations to allow workers to personalize the space to their needs and daily tasks. This allows office spaces to invest in one desk system, while simultaneously allowing their works to set up the space to suit their working style.

Hack features adaptable moveables that can be set up as standing desks, sitting desks, couches and more with barrier walls to create privacy if needed. The units are comprised of three walls that create an area for a desk or seating with tracks on the wall that allow workers to customize what is housed inside the space as well as the height of it.