Altar Furniture's Cassette Tape Table is Driven by Nostalgia

 - Jul 5, 2016
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Those hungering for the past can satiate their nostalgia with these cassette tape tables from Altar Furniture, a Hungarian-based international furniture design firm. Hearkening back to the days of analog music and pencil-driven rewinding, the tables are a funky design option for any room.

To get its cassette tape tables up to size, Altar Furniture created 1:10 scale replicas of the standard cassette mold. But rather than leaving the tables in traditional cassette tape black, the designers added unique touches that are sure to boost any 90s denizen's nostalgia to extreme levels: things like bright colors, band- and city-specific musical themes, and faux-personalized labels. The mega-cassettes are primarily meant for use as coffee tables, however are also offered at heights appropriate for desks and kitchen tables. Altar Furniture also offers a special, larger table designed for board rooms.