From Custard Caramel Popsicles to Autumnal Pumpkin Brittles

 - Oct 22, 2015
These artisanal caramel innovations range from custard caramel popsicles to pumpkin brittles that feature remixed autumnal flavors. Though caramel ingredients are common during fall months, these examples take the classic flavor further with unexpected pairings.

Standouts include fig-infused caramel candies and cider caramel popcorn snacks that are more decadent than traditional theatre treats. Other favorites include craft ice creams that experiment with savory and diet-conscious ingredients. Whether appealing to vegans or mixing sweet and salty ingredients, these examples change the way foodies perceive the classic caramel snack.

From healthy candy indulgences to artisanal caramel donuts, these snacks marry a familiar flavor with detailed preparation. Together, the elements are fused to create luxe and tasty treats that reference popular flavor fads without forgetting about nostalgic details.