Gearhearts' Caramel Squares are Mixed with Sweet Honey and Crunchy Almonds

 - Oct 21, 2015
References: gearhartschocolates
The buttery taste and smooth texture of caramel squares is part of what makes this candy so beloved, but Gearhearts Fine Chocolates was set on shaking up convention when it introduced its Wildflower Honey-Almond Caramels.

These hand-made candy pieces are made with a blend of fresh cream and butter, as well as wildflower honey from Virginia and toasted almond pieces. As a result, the candies are far more substantial and interesting to bite into as compared to normal caramel square. For this reason, packs of the individually wrapped candied squares make a great gift.

For foodies who are craving even more adventure and exoticism from caramel, Gearhearts also produces Miso Caramels, which taste like the popular variety of Japanese soup and also feature a rich texture.