- Oct 16, 2012
Savory boozy beverages have never tasted as good as they do when used in alcoholic food recipes. These delicious foods incorporate an amalgamation of beer, wine or spirits to add flavor to dessert and main course foods. From sticking a beer can in the interior of one's chicken to adding scrumptious Guinness beer to a brownie mix, the infusion of alcoholic beverages in food recipes creates new opportunities for bakers and cooks to create new mouthwatering dishes.

Once alcohol is heated or baked, its intoxicating content evaporates, therefore making these treats great for people of all ages. The lingering taste of a vintage red wine or a savory Guinness will be the only trace of any alcohol left in the recipe.

From Tempting Alcoholic Pastries to Beefy Booze-Infused Pies: