- Sep 28, 2008
Getting to sleep and staying awake can be surprisingly difficult for many people so this cluster of innovations and products will surely help solve sleep related aberrations.

The sleepyheads might need to wind down in a bug free bed with some pillow music. Sleeping in just the right sort of nightwear or bed might also do the trick. Ways of settling on an equal share of the bedclothes for couples might avoid bedtime marital wars. Need some company? There’s also the virtual girlfriend in bed. Remember, little ones also need some special dream time innovations so their parents can catch their own zzz’s.

Yet, there are situations where one has to keep awake for falling asleep whilst smoking or driving are potentially deadly. Tricking your boss and colleagues into believing you are awake when you’re not might be a good idea too!

So check out these innovations for pleasant dreams and waking up.

55 Innovations For Sleepy Heads And Insomniacs: