Fall Asleep, Look Awake

 - Feb 16, 2008
References: gizmodo
Now you can fall asleep at work without getting caught... as long as your boss is far enough away. These stick-on eyes come on sheets with several dozen pairs, so you won't have to worry wasting them on a quick power nap after lunch.

It's also a great solution public sleeping fears. If you're at the airport between flights but are afraid of dozing off in case someone takes your bags, just pop a pair of these on your lids and no one would dare snipe your possessions.

The more I look at these images, the creepier they look. The eyes look incredible real, yet not in a human way.

Too bad no one knows where they came from. By the look of it, they only come in a one version with an oriental shape and dark brown colouring. Someone could score big time if they offered these in a variety of colours.