Snorting Orexin A

 - Dec 30, 2007
References: wired
Discoveries like these are what make cool hunting so exciting. Sleep could be replaced in the future by the simple act of snorting a newly discovered brain chemical. The drug could prevent the feeling of sleepiness, making it possible to Trend Hunt 24/7, innovate around the clock and be relentlessly inspired by the world's wonders without ever dozing off.

Unlike cocaine, this is actually a spray you snort, and mainly, it's a chemical that actually occurs organically in the brain, a hormone called orexin A. When researchers tested the hormone on sleep-deprived monkeys, they performed just as well on a cognition test as monkeys who had had a full amount of sleep. Even PET scans showed their brains to look like fully rested brains.

Considering 70% of Americans don't get enough sleep to function properly, orexin A could become the stimulation drug of choice, a could replace other energy products like those containing caffeine.