Stay Awake At The Wheel (UPDATE)

 - Jun 8, 2008
References: nextbigtrends
Have you had one of those near-death encounter while driving where you unintentionally fell asleep? If yes, you'd better be careful since not only your life but the lives of others are at stake. So before it's too late, try looking for the Anti-Sleep Driving Alarm.

It is a device that looks like a simple headset which helps you stay awake while seated behind the wheels. Once the drivers head begins to wobble in a sleepy way, specifically if the head tilts more than 30 degrees, an alarm is set off. A very annoying sound then starts to become a nightmare, bringing back full alertness.

The device would also benefit students studying for exams, security guards or other late-night coders, convenience store nightshifts, pilots, and many more. It serves as an alternative to drinking coffee which sometimes does not work. If you are concerned your eardrums might be affected by the alarm, you should consider getting enough time of sleep to avoid drowsiness to begin with.

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