- Oct 31, 2009   Updated: May 26 2011
I am tired of alarm clocks being the only alarms getting attention around here. Time for the clockless alarms to shine. Fire alarms, smoke detectors and car alarms all keep us and our stuff safe, so why pay them a little tribute?

From alarming ashtrays to motion-sensing ear alarms, check out all of the fantastic clockless alarms we've featured at Trend Hunter below.

Implications - With schedules being a routine element of Western life, many consumers require various alarms for a quick reminder. However, standard clocks can be boring and by providing a product that targets a specific time-telling niche, individuals are given some excitement to their routine. Companies should consider how everyday scheduling can be infused with fun when designing a product.

From Alarming Ashtrays to Motion-Sensing Ear Alarms: