Kidsmart Vocal Smoke Alarm

 - Apr 26, 2007   Updated: Aug 17 2011
References: atrendyhome & coolest-gadgets
The Kidsmart Vocal Smoke Alarm does more than blare out a loud, annoying alarm signal - it can actually walk your family through the whole process of vacating the premises when smoke is detected. It allows you to pre-record a message with instructions specifically for your child, addressing the child by name to awake them from deep sleep. The alarm features three ways of waking your family - a recorded message, a loud alarm and a bright flashing light.

Implications - The Vocal Smoke Alarm gives parents peace. Gone are the days of worrying about a child knowing when and how to evacuate in case of an emergency. This alarm ensures that the alarm will not just be heard, but familiar parental voices will help comfort and awaken a child when need be.