55 Heavenly Religious And Spiritual Innovations

 - Sep 3, 2008
This slideshow highlights some of the most fascinating new religious innovations of our time. From Orthodox Barbies and Virgin Mary bread stampers to cell phones for Buddhists, we've seen a lot of outrageous products arise inspired by different faiths.

People interested in really unique dwellings might be intrigued by the restored churches in the gallery.

The renovated churches which now serve as dwellings, from the private homes to the restored Gothic church hotel, serve as a reflection of our juxtaposed desire to preserve culture while living at the height of modernity.

While money can't buy envy, some believe that exclusivity can, and what better way to guarantee something unique than by taking a piece of history and adding your personal touch?

Take a moment to click through the cutting edge religious products, Pope bobbleheads for your car, and practices like broadcasting sermons on YouTube or marching monks down a fashion runway.

(The featured image is on the Stykkisholmur modern church in Iceland.)