Sweet Kicks to Get You From the Court to the Red Carpet

 - Sep 10, 2009   Updated: Mar 31 2011
High Tops, basketball shoes, sneakers--they have all sorts of names, but one thing is for sure, they make your outfit. Here to celebrate the almighty street-worthy kick is this selection of high-top sneaker innovations. These high-top styles range from brightly-colored kicks to moccasin-style sneaks. The only problem is how do you choose which one you want...

Implications - High tops used to be a perfectly functional type of shoe meant for specific sports like basketball, but this trend has drastically evolved into an aesthetic and cultural movement. From musicians to fashion icons, the culture of cool that high tops represent has become the defining point of attraction for the consumers that love them and this means that companies can focus on their aesthetic significance rather than their original utility when figuring out new designs.