45 Toileting Innovations To Celebrate World Toilet Day

 - Nov 20, 2008
These toileting innovations, put together in honor of today being World Toilet Day, show just how spoiled we are when it comes to relieving ourselves in comfort and cleanliness.

According to the World Toilet Organization, 2.5 billion people around the world are toilet-less. Speaking on their behalf, the WTO says: "WE DESERVE BETTER PLACES TO DEFECATE - PROPER TOILETS".

The WTO is encouraging people to support their campaign to rectify the lack of loos issue in any of the following ways:

1. JOIN the cause on Facebook: Toilets for the Poor

2. BLOG about the cause on November 19th.

3. PROMOTE the day by putting your instant messenger or Facebook status as: TODAY IS WORLD TOILET DAY

4. CREATE an event in your school or city and add your event for World Toilet Day on their website.

5. If you have $5 to spare, then make a donation to the cause via the WTO website.