Visually Pleasing Portable Toilets

 - Sep 17, 2008
References: eventective
For most of us, the portable toilet’s that have offered us relief at outdoor events are hardly worth raving about. But not all portable toilets are bland and dreadful. In fact, some portable toilets are downright amazing! (I bet you never thought you would read that in print!)

Not your typical portables, these are the most visually pleasing public toilets you will ever come across, from a collection featured at Atypical Events.

The collection includes:

Paper mache toilets used at the annual Burningman festival in the Nevada desert.

Giant portable toilets in Johannesburg made from fiberglass and blue gloss enamel paint, which were made to generate hype as they counted down the number of days until the World Cup.

An Amy Winehouse outhouse in Central Park, New York.

The world’s fastest portable toilet which is powered by a 750 pound Boeing jet engine.

A magic themes portable toilet in Spain.

An open air portable toilet.

Positioned on the River Thames in London, this toilet was completely enclosed in one-way mirrored glass, which allowed the user to view the outside world while doing their "business". It was an experimental art piece which explored the concepts of privacy and voyeurism.