15 Minute Toilets Self Clean

 - Jan 14, 2008
References: gothamist & cityroom.blogs.nytimes
This news will certainly relieve the citizens of New York. In an effort to ease public movement, and in loo of past efforts, New York City officially opened its first automated self-cleaning public pay potty in Madison Square Park.

"Officials said the 20 new toilets to be installed will be the first permanent ones in use in the city," the NY Times wrote. "The kiosk in Madison Square Park, made of tempered glass and stainless steel, is about the size of a newsstand, with an automatic sliding door that opens when a deposit of 25 cents is made."

"A user has a (generous) 15-minute period of privacy before the doors pop open â€" with a warning light and alarm going off when there are only three minutes left. In between is an automatic 90-second self-cleaning process, which will be one of the great mysteries of New York going forward, since it happens only when the doors were closed."

Flushed with its latest success, NYC is feeling like No.1 again, and just in time.