Go Green with a Pink Toilet (or 14 other Colors)

 - Feb 27, 2007
References: envirolet
So your going green. Your doing your part to save the environment. You've switched your cleaning supplies, bought a hybrid car, turning off the lights when your not in the room. Hmmm, what else can you do? How about going waterless...well at least where your toilet is concerned.

Sancor , makers of the Envirolet® toilet system allows you to do just that. They have created a waterless toilet system. Funning thing is, it's technology has been around since 1977, sort of.

This is a two piece system. First you have the Envirolet® Waterless Remote Composting Toilet System Which is a base unit that needs to under the toilet (i.e basement). Next is the Waterless Toilet, included with all Waterless Remote Systems.The system is available in 14 colors.