"Potty Whisperer" Toilet Training

 - Jun 10, 2008
References: msnbc.msn
A "Potty Whisperer" in suburban Chicago is claiming she can have toddlers using toilets in under five days if they attend what she's calling a "Booty Camp."

At the bootcamp for toddlers, Wendy Sweeney, a mother of six, trains tots how to use the toilet in as little as two days.

She says it's as much about teaching the parent as the child.

"Never ask if they have to go," Sweeney says. "If you ask them if they have to go potty, then you are the one who is in charge of their body. We're trying to transfer that responsibility over to them. So we just tell them if you have to go potty, go in the potty."

She said the technique, which is based on Nathan H. Azrin's book, Toilet Training in Less Than a Day, works about 98% of the time.

"I actually took my son to this, and it works," says TODAY's Al Roker.

She says the $250 course for children 2½ years old and up and seen some able to use the toilet in as little as 15 minutes!