Dazzle and Delight From Refracted Light

 - Jan 10, 2009
Swarovski crystal conjures sparkling visions of jewel-like opulence and rich color. They are highly desired, sought after by collectors and prized for their fine quality.

Some of the crystals are chemically coated to enhance and control their appearance. They are used in a variety of products from couture to chandeliers. Crystal sculptures are always marked with the Swarovski logo. The swan logo replaced the original edelweiss flower in 1988, so sculptures created after that date bear the swan mark.

The company’s founder, Daniel Swarovski, was born in 1862 to an Austrian glass-cutter. When he was 30 years old, he patented a machine to cut glass crystal to be used in jewelry-making. The crystal contains nearly 32% lead to maximize the refraction for which it is famous.

I was delighted to find a number of Swarovski trends for this cluster and hope you will be too upon exploring them.