Solar-Powered Swarovski Rainbow Maker

 - Apr 2, 2008
References: gizoo
The Rainbow Maker gives you all the joy of one of nature's most beautiful miracles, but without the rain! It's the modern day version of the prisms you played with him school. All you need is a bit of sunshine to stimulate the gadget's solar panel, and the motor that twists the Swarovski Crystal beneath it will begin running.

You can stick it to any window with the suction cup on the back and enjoy as your room is cast with a multi-coloured blanket of moving lights.

"Sunlight is made up from a multitude of colours," Gizoo explains. "Refracting sunlight through a crystal will split the light into its component colours making them visible to the human eye. And you won't believe your eyes as it creates mini 'rainbows' that dance across the room."

The fun gadget costs only £17.95 (about $35.49) and is a sure way to brighten anyone's day, no matter their age!