Swarovskied Low-Rider

 - Apr 7, 2008
References: gizmodo.au
Bling on the attention! This crystal-covered bike will cause so many double takes, the rider had better be prepared to take responsibility for whiplash! Low-riders are focal points as they are, but imagine the stares you'd get riding around on this Swarovskied one!

So, who would buy this 110,000 crystal covered bike? UK designer Ben Wilson must have imagined his potential customers. I picture someone that adores being the centre of attention, but also cares tremendously about the environment. While they're willing to ditch their gas-guzzling car, they don't want to limit getting around in luxury!

"It is handmade to order, and price is on application, although considering the website tells you to hold your breath, we're guessing that it ain't going to be cheap," Gizmodo says.

Now that's eco chic!