From Italian Supercar Bicycles to Crystallized Bicycles

 - Jun 25, 2013
Choosing to cruise around town on a bike is a great way to reduce air pollution and engage in daily exercise, and these lavish bicycle designs are perfectly suited for anyone looking for a more luxurious and sophisticated way to ride around.

Owning a bicycle instead of a car doesn’t automatically mean that you couldn’t afford something more luxurious or costly to ride in, and these lavish bicycle designs are demonstrating that you can be environmentally friendly while looking elegant as you ride your bike around town. From sophisticated sports car-inspired cycles to super expensive gold-plated rides, these lavish bicycle designs are redefining what it means to ride your bike to work.

Perfect for those looking to add some class and elegance to their morning commute, these lavish bicycle designs will certainly bring an extravagant appeal to any casual bike ride.