Wooden Bicycle by Yojiro Oshima is Ideal for Earth-Loving Commuters

 - Mar 26, 2013
References: bicycledesign.net & core77
The most popular bicycle design technologies at present include the use of super strong and lightweight metals and materials such as carbon fiber. This Wooden Bicycle by Yojiro Oshima deviates from this hi-tech trajectory, rather embodying a much more artistic element in its entirely timber build.

The baton wheels, the spokes, the seat, the frame and the antler-style handlebars of the pushbike have all been carved and sculpted beautifully from pieces of lumber. Remarkable craftsmanship went into this creation, making it the sort of possession you'll want to put on display. To adjust for its comparatively flexible material, exquisite curves and cantilevers have been worked into the tubes and supports, giving the Wooden Bicycle by Yojiro Oshima even more of a unique look.