Antologia's Swarovski Jewels Sink Collection

 - Aug 14, 2008   Updated: May 27 2011
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The Swarovski Jewels Sink collection from Antologia reflects our insatiable need to make everything we own shiny and glittery. Your childhood Bedazzled sneakers, shirts, hats and cell phones have grown up into classy, modern sinks and come home.

These Antologia sinks are hand-studded by Vincenza-based gold craftsmen with Swarovski Signity jewels. The Italian line is meant to tailor to the luxury market.

Implications - When it comes to elegance, jewelry is guaranteed to emulate class. The entertainment industry has influenced average consumers to indulge in high-end luxurious items for their clothes and even household essentials. The obsession with a glamorized lifestyle is one that many dream of. Luxury isn't affordable to all, but it's an ideal people will continue to work towards; therefore as long as that attitude exists, brands who market expensive items will have no problem captivating every demographic who dreams big.