The Diamond Life

 - Dec 17, 2007
It seems women the world over are in search of The Diamond Life, romanced with everything sparkle-encrusted, from real gems to Austrian Swarovski crystals. At the same time, the caffeine scene is becoming an evermore prominent aspect of our hectic daily lives, as is the heightened awareness for constant hydration.

What better way to maximize on these trends than by combining them with sparkle-encrusted Koozies and Java Jackets? The Diamond Life has come up with a line of ultra-glam cup sleeves, decked out in glittering Swarovskis. Already Hollywood starlets have been spotted rocking these sleeves on their lattes and water bottles, including trend-setting heiress, Paris Hilton.

"What's a Koozie you ask," a press release questioned. "It is an insulated neoprene holder for your favorite cold beverage bottle like water, soda, and beer. Now you have another place you can express your inner BLING. This is the latest MUST HAVE for the Hollywood glamor set.

The Java Jackets are pattered after the paper ones used at all of the coffee shops, only better, they last forever, and are a fashion statement. This is the thing for all the coffee lovin' fashionistas out there."

The beverage sleeves come in their own jewelery boxes, making them perfect gifts and stocking stuffers. Helen Don Sing's stylish sleeves are being sold at Shop Intuition, a store adored by celebs like Lindsay Lohan and Jessica Simpson.