40 Anti-Vegetarian Innovations

 - Sep 29, 2008   Updated: May 25 2011
My poor vegetarian sister will hate me for writing this article. I just find all the products people are making out of meat, or that are inspired by meat, far too bizarre not to feature. I'm talking bacon tuxedos, chicken scented soap bubbles and ham flavored forks. Seriously.

This slideshow highlights some of the meatiest anti-vegetarian creations gathered by our innovation-hungry Trend Hunters.

Implications - From edible couture to greasy undergarments, there truly is an anti-vegetarian innovation for any carnivorous person. Stereotypically speaking, meat has become the ultimate status with males. The more meat you eat, the more you are a man. This association clearly has sparked some seriously delicious anti-vegetarian innovations that are guaranteed to fill your stomach.