Retro Fashion Foreshadows a Successful Mad Men Season 5 Launch

 - Mar 22, 2012
Since its first few episodes, Mad Men has been turning heads like nobody’s business. Plot, character development and acting are all important aspects of any halfway decent television series or film; however, even if Mad Men season 5 did none of these things, and only put the same effort into casting and costumes as the show has done in prior seasons, people would still watch it.

Mad Men season 5 could easily coast on its cast. Christina Hendricks, January Jones and John Hamm would be good looking people if they were wearing flea-ridden potato sacks. When decked out in the finest fashions from a memorable era, they make for decadent eye candy.

The reason why the show has inspired so many outfits and styles is apparent: many guys would like to look like Donald Draper and many women would like to look like Joan Harris. If the prior seasons are any indication, Mad Men season 5 will continue to influence fashion in the months to come.