- Feb 1, 2010   Updated: Apr 21 2011
The 1950s were a time when conformity was in, individuality was out, and Marilyn Monroe graced the walls of just about every auto shop in the United States.

In a salute to the 1950s, we bring you these 35 looks from the 1950s. See them all for yourself, from retro appliances to 1950s housewife editorials.

Implications - From seductive art of the 40s and 50s to trippy patterns and pompadours, you'll be thinking you were born in the wrong era after clicking through these 50s finds. What might really surprise you is how cool you will think your grandparents are after seeing all the wicked products that their generation got to enjoy.

From Retro Appliances to '50s Housewife Editorials: