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Dave Coplin's Work Talk Emphasizes Enjoying Working in the Digital Age

 - Dec 15, 2016
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Dave Coplin's work talk recognizes a major rift between one's day job and social life in the age of digitization.

While innovations like social media have gotten people accustomed to completely open sharing, virtually everything done in people's work lives has to be hidden and private. Even with the development of open-plan offices, which were touted as a way to encourage collaborative working, many workers feel vulnerable that they're being watched by supervisors rather than open to collaboration.

The solution, for Coplin, is in the concept of flexible work. Since many jobs can be conducted just as effectively online and remotely rather than in an office, people will be happier and more comfortable if they don't have to make a daily commute into the office at all. This doesn't necessarily mean staying at home every day, but it means allowing employees to choose where and how they get their work done.