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Speaker Will Swope is the Vice President and General Manager of the Intel corporation. Swope joined...

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Will Swope’s Hiring Speech Discusses Hiring and Letting Go of Employee

 - Aug 28, 2013
References: skollworldforum.org & youtu.be
Will Swope discusses the process of finding good employees in this hiring speech. Swope explains that his company works with many universities, and has undergraduate programs set up, so that they can recruit the brightest young minds.

Swope says that one of the most important things to keep in mind when hiring employees is that personality is important. Hiring people that others will enjoy working with is key. Swope says that he’s heard that it’s important to hire someone that you’d want to go on a trip with. Trust and teamwork are important things to consider when taking on an individual.

Swope also advises leaders to look for employees who can comfortably analyze information in a field that they aren't experts in.