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Jason Fried's Employee Talk is About Hiring Computer Programmers

 - Aug 11, 2013
References: 37signals & youtu.be
Jason Fried discusses what to look for when hiring a computer programmer (or any employee) in this employee talk. Fried states that he likes to hire programmers who are a part of the open source movement, and it's important that they love programming. However, he points out that there are more important qualities to look for in an employee. Raw talent will only get people so far.

Fried states that the most important thing to look for in an employee is a great personality. It's key to genuinely like enjoy working with fellow employees, which makes hiring great people extremely important. He also states that being a good writer is an extremely valuable skill, regardless of the position one applies for.

Fried says that location is limiting in terms of hiring, so his company hires from all across the world.