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Paul Zak's Positive Leadership Speech Promotes Leading with Love

 - Jul 10, 2013
Paul Zak discusses the importance of leading with love in this positive leadership speech. Zak says that there is an old and new approach to leading. The old approach involves leading with fear and the new (more effective) approach encourages leading with love.

If an employer can encourage their employees, give them positive feedback and make them fulfilled in the workplace, those employees will work harder. Zak says it's the same way with customers. If one goes out of their way to please people, that creates customer loyalty. Zak discusses oxytocin, which is a chemical released in the brain when people are delighted. He says that producing oxytocin in employees and customers by keeping them happy is how one should go about creating loyal customers and employees.

Paul Zak also says that it's important for leaders to acknowledge people who are working hard to make their business succeed.