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Ellen Galinsky's Management Keynote Explains What Yahoo is Doing Wrong

 - Mar 18, 2013
References: familiesandwork.org & youtu.be
In her management keynote, Ellen Galinsky outlines what she thinks Yahoo is doing wrong. She criticizes actual business moves that took place and offers advice to the struggling search engine.

Ellen feels two of the biggest problems Yahoo possesses are the lack of creativity and innovation as well as a lack of hard work and productivity. She thinks the way that Yahoo management handles this issue is incorrect.

To tackle the issue of employee drive she offers the advice of setting standards and ensuring that those standards are met. As for the lack of creativity, she feels that people need to be given the right environments that entail alone and collaborative sessions to promote such.

Ellen's management keynote may be harsh, but Yahoo needs some tough love if they want to stay in the game.