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Jenny Lykken's Healthy Work Habits Speech Discusses Relaxing

 - Jul 18, 2013
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Google personal relations employee Jenny Lykken presents a healthy work habits speech that discusses the experimental ways in which Google tries to reduce stress in employees. Lykken discusses the importance of learning from failure, powering down and having compassionate leadership at work.

Lykken discusses Google's unconventional approach to improving its employees lifestyles including office nap pods, gyms, yoga and meditation. These things help people to reconnect with themselves after a long work week. Lykken says that Google does these things not to squeeze out more work from its employees, but to encourage happy and healthy lifestyles.

Lykken says that a positive attitude towards failure is important, along with an understanding leader. These things encourage creativity and innovation in the workplace and lessen stress among employees. Lykken says that when health and happiness improve among employees, so does overall productivity.