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Clive Wilkinson’s Talk on Office Culture Focuses on Design and Layout

 - Mar 10, 2016
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Since most adults spend a majority of their waking hours at work, this talk on office culture discusses how to design stimulating and creative work environments. Wilkinson says there are six factors that shape the work place including ‘disruption and play’ and ‘human scale, community, and collaboration.’

He pulls examples of prolific spaces that he and his team have designed for offices such as Google and Disney. His examples show that walls are literally being broken and ground is being moved in order to connect different divisions of one company to create a cohesive-bodied entity.

During his talk on office culture, Wilkinson notes that while previous generations equate an employee’s status at work to the size of their office, today’s values lie within the idea of community, collaboration and interaction. He also touches on how technology is dramatically changing the way offices are used -- less for storage and more for prompting productivity.