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The Mindy Kaling speech given at Harvard Law School's Class Day discusses the influence lawyers have...

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Mindy Kaling’s Harvard Class Day Speech Discusses Upholding Fairness

 - Jun 5, 2014
References: youtu.be
In her Harvard Class Day speech, Mindy Kaling motivates the law school graduates with some of her award-winning humor. While most of the 2014 Harvard Class Day speech is devoted to joke telling, the last five minutes is of Kaling passionately discussing the change lawyers can make.

The comedian, actress, writer and producer discusses the inherent fairness she and her Indian immigrant parents value in American society. This fairness based on what people know rather than who they know now rests on the shoulders of the Harvard Law School graduates. The new lawyers represent new laws and real change as they influence the rights of US citizens.

The Mindy Project star encourages the highly educated audience to give advice to celebrities rather than taking it. As a former writer of NBC’s The Office, the speaker has a particular admiration for the lawyerly dedication to meticulously reading and crafting the language of justice, and the way those words impact our daily lives.