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Tim Cook's Values Talk to a Graduating Class on Changing the World

 - May 19, 2015
References: youtu.be
In his values talk and commencement speech, Apple CEO Tim Cook discusses how the next generation needs to lead by living value-driven lives. He shares his own experience figuring out for himself what was right and true in the late 1970s in the south. He firmly believes injustices like segregation have no place in our world and equality is a right.

Tim Cook's values talk tells the graduating class of George Washington University that they must find their values and commit to living by them. The speaker shares how before meeting Steve Jobs, he used to think he had to make world a better place on own time, and not in office. He says if we worked hard and make great products, we can change the world.

Work should be more than just about improving your own self, it's also about improving the lives of others. A company that has values and acts on them can change the world, just as individual can. Work takes on new meaning when you feel you're pointed in the right direction, otherwise it's just a job and life is too short for that says the speaker.