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Josh Reich's Digital Innovation Speech is Insightful

 - Mar 29, 2014
References: simple & vimeo
Simplifying anything that doesn't need to be complicated and enlightening audiences on start-up tips, Josh Reich gives a detailed talk about how he was able to start a finance design company without even having a design department in his digital innovation speech.

Having worked in finance, Reich recalls his life in the banking field to the audience, and is not shy of stating his hate for banking and how he was sick and tired of the political hula hoops and overdraft fees he saw his customers deal with on a daily basis.

Reich decided to start his own thing and now it's one of the fast-growing start-ups in digital finance. Going from his basement in Brooklyn to an actual office with employees, Simple was created and designed to replace traditional banking, with a focus on design and user experience.

In this digital innovation speech, Reich shares his ideas and tips on his "human oriented" design process which he believes is key.

"Don't color people's ideas with your company vision," he says.